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    Hi!  Just checking everything out on yuku and I thought I'd send a short note of greeting.

My Bio

*This is old but I don't have time to update it. I think this was updated in around 2006, based on saying 2nd year of grad school...*
I'm originally from Wisconsin, and will always consider it home. I adore the cold, and despise hot weather. For some reason I keep living in very hot places though! Thanks to the military I've spent summer at Parris Island (super hot!), a year in Florida, and another year in 29 Palms, CA (aka mojave desert). Thankfully we took 3 years for college in Wisconsin, but now we live in Austin Texas, another insanely hot place. Why do people live here again? The we I'm referring to, by the way, includes my wife Carrie. We were married in Canada march 20, 2004. Eventually the marriage will be legal in the US, but we're not stressing on it. We also have two cats who are relatively entertaining. I'm currently in my second year of graduate school, which means I feel stupid daily while simultaneously having to teach young engineers the basics of physics lab. I've spent the last three years on the Jedi Realist path. I originally looked into it back in 96, but it really didn't exist then. So I learned a few things, like how to breath properly, and just kept it in the back of my mind. Now it's a rather large portion of my life. However, even if the jedi didn't exist, I would be on this same path. My references are books from Dan Millman, Neale Donald Walsch, and so many others. If you'd like to see my book list, just send me a message. I'm a pretty open book, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Have a great day!

My Occupation

graduate student in physics

My Hobbies

Music, science (physics) reading, martial arts, science fiction, women's literature